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the preston guitar and plunger ruins

Until early 2002, this was the active Guitar and Plunger Studios.  Home to Aynat Sool, Mantis Sage, ADMacHine, nalan, Snu Voogelbriender and Buttress O’Kneel, the Preston Guitar and Plunger Studios throve with Cosmik Sex, Cosmik Drugs and Cosmik Rock’n’Roll, 24 hours a day. 

With nalan, ADM and Sool working the day-shift, and Snu, Sage and Buttress the night, productivity was guaranteed.  Dozens of albums were created in that time, from Mantis Sage’s incredible “Chamaeleonic”, through the Fruiting Body’s exquisite “The Field”, to Buttress O’Kneel’s quite scary “Afraid of Enduring Freedom”, as well as numerous books, talks, theses, essays, articles, novels and short stories, covering topics such as psychotropic fish, flying foxes pollinating Australia’s forests, theories of mind, perception and the ‘pragmatic skeptic’, and 70’s Krautrock.  It was from here that exhibitions were launched, murals were painted, and ‘the Plunge’ minimagazine made its three-episode streak across the Preston night. 

Although it has now since fallen, and its Ikon moved yet again, the Preston Guitar and Plunger Ruins has carved an enormous memetic gash in the aura of our hearts, a memetic gash that is only now, with the proper application of the correct medicated metaphysical cream, beginning to heal.

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