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Part of the ever-increasing global Supranet of Rogue Studios spread across the ley-lines of the planets Gaia-Grid, the GlobalDataBank is surely one of the Nubs. If the digital meta-society can be imagined as a sheet of rubber, then the GlobalDataBank is a watermelon placed right in the centre, stretching its surroundings towards itself by its own weight alone; if Rogue Studios are imagined as a series of thumbs standing upright in a line from biggest to smallest, then the GlobalDataBank can be better imagined as an enormous fake plastic thumb equipped with hidden microphones, lenses, mp3-datasticks, and tiny extendable microwave antennae.

The GlobalDataBank, as its main freelance archive-guerrilla *Bluetail* will testify, is “not kidding”.

As well as being the first to expose that the Australian Liberal Party is “a fourth or fifth tier member of the Earth dioces of the Universal Megaconspiracy”, and that certain governmental officials (including the Prime Minister, Mr Johnny Howard) are actually “space-zombie-replicant[s]” under the thrall of the extra-dimensional Annunaki, the GlobalDataBank was also the first to break the story that the entire War on Terror is merely an excuse for the Hypradimensional Space-Lizards to tap the Humyn UberConsciousness as it shrieks a million billion shrieks of fear, revenge, and hatred. Similarly, not only did the GlobalDataBank coin the now-familiar term “Earth Patriots”, but invented a whole swathe of terms it is now impossible not to use at nearly every opportunity.

If your life changes from reading anything here, it will no doubt be, in some untracable way, because of the GlobalDataBank.

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