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International Research Institute

Few are the Rogue Studios who dare to go where demons fear to tread, who dare to fly into the eye of the hurricane, who dare to bite off their own fingers just to see what they taste like. There is one, though; the analytical surRealisation thinktank that is the International Research Institute.

Who else has revealed the horrible intergalactric interconnections behind George “W” Bush, “Paul” Mcartney, “Michael” Jackson, and “Harold” Holt? Who else has hinted that the unbelievable displays of rank stupidity exhibited by George “W” Bushs replicant-clone may not be so accidental after all? Who else has dared suggest the black truth that both Bush and Saddam are both hyperdimensional hand-puppets being played against each other, and who else has suggested exactly what kind of intergalactic horror might have its hands up these replicant-puppets arses?

No-one else, that's who.

No-one else has got the miskatonic balls.
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