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the eric (and erica) laboratories (eltham)

The current Eric (and Erica) Laboratories, looming out of the Eltham Highlands mist, is where much of the Interwebmegalink was electromanced onto the Electronic Superhighway for the hungry masses. Utilising the very state-of-the-artest hi-falutin technology available, coupled with the dedication to Smoking Ritual after Smoking Ritual that the Interwebmegalink requires, the Eltham Eric (and Erica) Laboratories is one of the Nubs of the ever-spiralling Axes of Experimentia that make up the Interwebmegalink. From its digitally-hallowed grounds come gadzillobytes of pure Audiomancery, mixed bio-organically with the random smatterings of avine accompaniment, 24-7.

Following in the gigantic footsteps of the Eric (and Erica) Laboratories of the past, both alpha and beta, the current Eric (and Erica) Laboratories seems certain to keep on expanding those footsteps for centuries to come.

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