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As the Interwebmegalink’s Recycling Division recently reported, “the recent advances in recycling technology [enable] pretty much anyone with a computer [to] sample these dominant organisms, and, time permitting, reintroduce new species into the meme pool.”  One such ‘anyone with a computer’ is Ovenguard, a permanently-re-evolving Rogue Studio with this agenda firmly in mind.  From immense sound-use festivals only broadcast through headphones, to cybernetic e-platforms linking artists to each other, to organising memetic biodiversity concerts, the Ovenguard at the forefront of recycling technology.    

“Our main goal as a label is to help facilitate the growth of this culture by providing artists with a platform to provide other artists with examples of their own work. Appropriation or borrowing of this sonic material for use in a new creative context is encouraged”; not only do the Ovenguard want you to listen to their works, they want you to chop them up, set them on memetic fire with the lighter-fluid of truth, and send them right back.  

We see the Reason, and hear the Rhyme.

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