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One of the leading pioneers on "hyperzoology", Ebon Fisher has set up (or at least contributed to) the Rogue Studio ‘Meme Breeders’, a collector, analyser and distributor of Meme Theory, Cultural Biology, the Science of Metaphor, and MetaPermaCulture.  Not so much a Participant as an Observer, Meme Breeders explores a number of ‘artists’ whose memetic output has penetrated into both the media and the Collective Imagination, focusing not on Objects and Events, but on the memetic ripples that follow.  

As well as exploring the works surRealised by ‘artists’ like G H Hovagimyan, the Riot Grrrls, Mark Pawson, Lloyd Dunn, the shadow-puppeteer Dan McQuire, negativland, the southern-hemispherical Mindflux, megaExtropian Natasha Vita More, and soundbite-pioneers Public Enemy, this Rogue Studio invites ‘the public’ to “bring its own memetic agents to the show and post them on a reserved section of the gallery. We look forward to your soundbytes, slant-eyed alien faces, and Andre The Giant stickers.”

So do we.

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