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the guitar and plunger ruins, martin street

Originally set up as a domestic bliss-hole by G+P stalwarts A D MacHine and Panthera “Nalan” Leo, the Martin Street studios quickly became a deranged bastion of drug-abuse, relationship collapses, and immense dogs. Like the Guitar and Plunger Studios of Preston (and Carlton before it), the place was awash with the sound of distorted guitars, electronic tomfoolery, bubbling waterpipes, the scratching of mice, and samples being torn apart in Eternal Sacrifice.

It was here that the InterWebMegaLink was first illustrated, here that A D MacHine and Nalan split up, here that the world’s first Synergistic Bi-Theremin was invented, here that A D MacHine and Nalan got back together, here that Buttress first unveiled her now-legendary “Oil of War” and “There’s Nobody Following You... You’re Imagining It” audiodocumentaries.

It was here that Dodgy DJ Dave and Nicrophiliac first got together; it was here that the enormous wolf Dexie sheltered after discovering himself homeless. It was here that great dope was grown amongst the tomatoes; it was here that Duman the Cat lived, died, and was immortalised in song.

Now it is probably just filled with ordinary people doing ordinary things.

Ho hum.

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