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Finally, the current G+P Studios. With so many Ruins littered around the Northern Suburbs (Carlton, Preston, and Martin Street, chronologically), it can be hard to know exactly what’s current and what’s ancient hystory...

Exactly the way we like it.

The present Guitar and Plunger Studios is pretty much just like the old ones but better, more streamlined, cleaner, more “professional”, and with more pools and jacuzzis. Already it has held several Miskatonik Conferences and Chronological Celebrations (who could forget the glowing acid-and-ecstacy Rituals of New Year’s Eve 2005/2006? or the spectacular 30th Anniversary of Panthera Leo?), and has plans to hold many more – but only when the time is right.

Home to A D MacHine, Nalan, and the esteemed Dr Chops, Guitar and Plunger Studios has never been so vibrant, so mighty, so muscular, so poised to take the Good Fight to the Reptiles head-on. Whether holding a workshop on Interdimensional Cryptozoology, sound-proofing a rehearsal of Fuck You God, organising the details of a Smiling Heart astral-activist retreat, or helping arm media-assassins with Archived Footage, you can rest assured that Guitar and Plunger Studios lives on, bigger and better than ever.

And did we mention the jacuzzi?

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