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Given the speed at which the corporatised megamedia dispatches its Cultural mind-control clones, it is increasingly necessary to introduce new cultural references to the Cultural Monoliths of the Megacompanies immediately.  ‘Subvertise’ is one of the many Rogue Studios that are trying desperately to balance the Memetic-Environmental Control with which the Corporate Enochian-Grey-Elohim Angel-Creatures from the Inner Galaxies have so successfully strangleholded our world.   At Subvertise, you can explore their “web-gallery of radical arts” to your AntiCorporate heart’s content, knowing that the only Tommy Hilfiger or Ronald McDonald you’ll see will be strung up on a cross or dressed like Osama bin Laden.

“Subvertising is the Art of Cultural resistance... redefining or even reclaiming our environment from the corporate beast”. 

The Interwebmegalink could not have expressed it better ourselves. 

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