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Part of the world-wide HyperNetwork of Indymedia sites spread in accordance to Ley-Line Intersection across the entire planets Gaia-Grid, Melbournes Indymedia is a Rogue Studio where “everyone is a witness”, and “everyone is a journalist”. We could not have said it better ourselves.

Priding itself on its decentralised, nonhierarchical, anarchomemetic adhocracy, Melbourne Indymedia were one of the first media outlets to report the “truth” about the governmentally-sanctioned police violence against unarmed peace protestors on the original S11 (S11 having been a well-known term in Melbourne for a full year before the Americans stole it with their WTC disaster in 2001). They continue to be the first to report nearly everything that the mainstream media outlets silently avoid mentioning, with a particular focus on globalisation issues, wars and business, media control stories, and humyn rights abuses of all kinds.

This is real democracy.

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