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Many of the No-Things that UnLive Beyond the Universe have made their meta-presences felt to metal bands around the world, drawn to the dark energy of these bands music. But, most metalheads being far too limited in their musical research, and far too closed in their miskatonic preternaturalism, misunderstand what they are dealing with, and simply claim it was devils, demons, or (ho hum) satan.

One Rogue Studio understands the importance in releasing quality grindcore/metal/death, not just for metalheads, but for the message of the Ancient Ones themselves. Whether they know it or not, No Escape Records is this Rogue Studio.

Set up by the ever-present mardy and his co-aggressor fuck... im dave, No Escape Records sets out to collate, release, and make lots of money from, not only the finest in Antipodean Grindcore, but the finest in extreme metal from around the entire planet. Only in this way can the Meaningless Message of the Outer Gods be brought to all the humyn ears that need to hear it...

There is no escape from No Escape...

...there is no need.

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