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This, like so many other Rogue Studios meticulously connected to the slender threads of reason that make up the InterWebMegaLink, is NOT A JOKE. 

This is deadly serious. 

Maybe even plain old deadly.

This Rogue Studio is a much-needed monitor to the Cryptogon, that “hidden structure underlying and interconnecting the political, economic and perception management systems currently in operation on this planet”; the very systems that our Politicians, Economists and Perception Systems Management Technicians refuse to admit exist.  This Rogue Studio covers everything from secret societies, assassinations and government-sponsored drug trafficking, to political business, business politics, and mind control.  Indeed, this Rogue Studio may end up covering the Apocalyptic Return of the Ones who Sleep, and with it, the Annihilation of the World...

“I'm not saying this event marked the beginning of THE END OF EVERYTHING, although it may be that, but it was definitely the beginning of the end of things as they have appeared over the last generation or so.”

It’s worse than you’d ever imagined.

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