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Another of the many marginalised Rogue Studios devoted to the exploration, collection, and distribution of the Dark Films and Forbidden Footage, Whispered Media has been variously described as a a video-activist collective, a dangerous and volatile movement that could change the entire way the world produces media forever, and irrelevant.

Only time shall tell.

Founded as a collective that “promotes the use of video, and other media tools, in progressive grassroots movements” in order to wrest control of the media from the Enochian/Annunaki MegaConspiracy, and finally destroying itself to escape alien contamination in a daring self-immolation that shall never be forgotten, Whispered Media has since spawned several other Rogue Studios to take its place. “Crazy” Jeff has gone on to create a links-based website that even out-links the InterWebMegaLink itself; and Wood and Cavanaugh set up Mountain Eye Media, a revolutionary form of video activist brainwashing terrorist-training camp never before seen in the Western World.

Thanks to Whispered Media and their dedication to video witnessing, support and training, collation of political footage, grassroots information, and other Rogue Studios, the InterWebMegaLink has but to point you in the right direction, and the work has been done.

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