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Lost Hope Studios

Laying directly over one of the most powerful of the Preston ley-lines (the intersection of the Coburg Cemetary, the Way of the Bell, the Pentagrammaton-Arc from Carlton to Reservoir, and the infamous Mysterium-Axis), chimney constantly belching purple smoke, sat Lost Hope Studios, squatting like a bloated Bufo, and twice as psychedelic.

Knowing now that this place would eventually spawn rogue studios like Post-Apocalyptic Studios and the GlobalDataBank, and would help nurture bands like Zanzibar Cob, Il Ligato, Fuck You God, Papa D, Bress, p.O.d and their ilk, everything finally seems to make sense. The wild orgies. The endless Smoking Rituals. The constant child-sacrifice. The never-ending hong-kong action films. The coffee. The Stench, and the Stains.

One of the Power Nexii that helped form Prestons burgeoning Circle of Audiomancery, Lost Hope Studios was “home” to the artists formerly known as Papa D, El Croucho, and the Bress, as well as a shadowy four-legged poltergeist known only as Black Rosie.