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New Horizons In Propaganda

Some Rogue Studios are scared of admitting that they really are fronts for vast powerful networks of hidden vigilantes, ontological terrorists, and patapsychologically-armed nonconformists with an uncontrollable urge to destroy Western Society.

One of these Rogue Studios is NHIV Propaganda Headquarters.

NHIV unequivocably denies any purported links with any organisation purporting to be of a global governmental or other terrorist nature, and in particular denies any claimed association with any alleged underground international network that may or may not be referred to in some circles as the KAOS Syndicate. Not only do they deny all knowledge of the aforementioned concept, axis, or sleeper cell, they state on the record that any alleged ties are utter nonsense, and all evidence to the contrary is clearly forged and of a nature that would not stand up in any court on the planet.

So, it’s up to you; visit them and decide for yourself...

If you dare.

Which you might.

Or not.

It depends, I guess.

On whether or not you dare to visit them.

Which you might.

I suppose anything’s possible, really.

Or is it?

Or not?

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