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When Whispered Media was forced to self-detonate as its only way out of certain intergalactic doom, it went out with a nobility and aplomb that the interwebmegalink could only hope to imitate. And, as the world watched the ruins of that particular Rogue Studio smouldering, and the extraterrestrial contaminants wither away to infernal ashlettes, we all hoped that something, anything, could escape the wreckage.

Then: movement. Light. A murmur of humyn breath.

At least two entities crawled from that alien inferno that night: one of them was Mountain Eye Media.

Made up of the survivors Adams Wood and Francine Cavanaugh, formerly of San Francisco, Mountain Eye Media is currently involved with documenting the vastly-underrepresented Anti-War activity around the world, holding video-terrorist training camps, organising guerrilla workshops, and arming journalist uprisings with feature-length documentaries.

Hidden in a research-bunker deep beneath the mountains of Western North Carolina, Mountain Eye Media continues to seize media from the Elohim/Ek Chuan MegaConspiracy and return it to the grassroots “ordinary people” to which it “belongs”.

They have taken every precaution to safeguard their memetic security, lest another incident of extragalactic contamination ever occur again...

Lets just hope and pray that it doesnt.

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