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One of the many miskatonic Rogue Studios devoted to the exploration, collection, and distribution of the Dark Films and Forbidden Footage, Clint Flicks specialises in documentaries which “examine obsessions of the everyday”; music, Star Wars, comedy, self-delusion, self-adulation, and extradimensional reptilian overlords from Beyond Space/Time.

Rumoured by some to be some kind of ubertalented one-man-band-like freak doing everything himself, rumoured by others to be an expansive crack-team of freelance directors, demographics-analysists, street-cred-alchemists and the finest lawyers money can buy, Clint Flicks treads the fine line between duality and multiplicity, “truth” and “fiction”, analogue and digital, interesting and run-of-the-mill.

Teamed up somehow with the equally-shadowy Primordial Productions, Clint Flicks has been behind The Phandom Menace, Hot Rod Rumble, and the rockumentary to beat all rockumentaries, the concise Hard Rock Jukebox: Unleeshed in the Eest.

If there is one thing that can be said about the clandestine entity/collective that is called Clint Flicks, it is that it sure looks rude in uppercase.

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