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While the megacompanies are busy bottle-necking the meme-pool, destroying hystory for us all, Rogue Studios all around the world (and Beyond) are hard at work trying to undo all the damage.  One of the finest sources of alternative hystories and the leading pioneer in "media-archaeology", OtherCinema is the brainchild of Unusual and Experimental Film-maker Craig Baldwin.   As well as being Unusual and Experimental, Mr Baldwin has the power of surRealising the “true” Memetic Aura of the future, mainly through “reading” Found Film and “divining” meta-narratives from Unexpected Juxtaposition.  

OtherCinema has a continuously-updated plethora of Dark Films and Forbidden Footage, inspired by such “objects” and “events” as: the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (a particle beam device that can be accurately targeted on specific sites in the ionosphere); the impending global electromagnetic 'Pulse'; the growth of Corporate Hegemony over the Electromagnetic Spectrum; “bad” horror films; electromancers like Mesmer, Morse, Bell, Tesla, and Farnsworth; and the “21st century ‘New Electromagnetic Order’ that threatens to take total control of our lives.”

When the alien meme does crash down to earth, we shall all be thanking the memetic biodiversity thrust at us by OtherCinema.

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