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One of the most dangerous and powerful weapons the Ancient Ones have in their arsenal of pop-destroying Memetic Mutagens is the musical phenomenon known by some as Bastard Pop.  This tool of the digital Recycling Age incorporates the (generally verbatim) Vocal Part from one “parent” song, and systematically and clinically superimposes these memetic qualities over the (generally verbatim) Instrumental Part from another “parent” piece of Mainstream pop.  The resulting unholy (and thoroughly unsanctified) bastard “child” retains all the catchiness, all the Synaptic-Hooks of the original tunes, yet is quite clearly culturally-dislocated.  The Dark Notes and Forbidden Beats have never made themselves known like this before; at the Rogue Studio known as Base58 (and her sister-sites, BoomSelection and BSX), you can experience some of the finest (and most memetically-shocking) specimens of this Bastard Breed for yourself.

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