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the eric (and erica) laboratories (beta)

Within wiring distance from the Preston Guitar and Plunger Ruins sat a haven of buzzing and whirring, squawking and chirping. As one approached, one could begin to distinguish that some of the chirping was avine, some electrical; then again, some of the avine chirping was electrical too.

For this was the Eric (and Erica) Laboratories, Preston, home to five or six birds, that many computers, and Bendy and Nadine. Well-known from their separate work with the True POD, and Bendys work with merge into stripes and gLOBALmINDfUCK, it was these capable hands that many of the guitar and plunger associates turned to when they needed an album mastered and pressed, or when they desperately required twenty hours of live Phish, and pronto.

Many of the birds living at the old beta version of Eric (and Erica) Laboratories have featured on several merge into stripes tracks, recorded real-time as both source sound and digital overlay.

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