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There are few Rogue Studios with which we so wholeheartedly agree on so many aspects of the Nature of the Universe, as we do with the Church of the SubGenius. Although the InterWebMegaLink, as a miskatonic library of “knowledge” and mediarchaeologic suppository for “occult lore”, tends to view all religions as worthy only of exometaphorlogic study at best, and generally refuses to mix with “churches” of any denomination, we find the SubGenius Foundation has come to too many of the same conclusions for it all to be “just coincidence”.

The intergalactic control of the MegaCorporations. The mass-cloning of Global Heads of State. The similarities between war for “oil” in Iraq and the war for “spice” on Arrakis. The cattle-mutilations, and the Elder Gods. The need for “bulldada”, and the quest for “Slack”.

Of course, there is much that we find ridiculous about the Church; their continual extolling of a Messiah/AntiMessiah named “Bob”, their references to “prairie-squid”, their inappropriate uses of humour when dealing with such serious issues. But, if one peels behind the face of “Bob” and peers analytically into the “facts” peppered throughout the Foundation's works, one can determine that they are on an extremely similar, albeit misguided, quest for “quote-unquote” “certainty”.

(Interestingly enough, several of Buttress OKneel's explorations into the WTC disaster, and how it may have all been a hoax, have been aired on the SubGenius “Hour of Slack” radio programme. It would appear that the Church of the SubGenius views us the same as we view them; as slightly-crazy allies against an entirely-crazy world.)

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