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The Oil Of War (2005)

an oily audiodocumentry by buttress o'kneel

As oil supplies dwindle, the price of petrol rises, while the demand increases.

As the demand increases, the measures taken to control the oil get more and more extreme.

As the measures grow too extreme to accept, the lies and cover-ups grow more and more desperate.

"The Oil of War" uncovers some of those lies, puts them over a wicked phat groove, and kicks them right back atcha.

Buttress O'Kneel started making audio-documentaries in 2000 ("Proudly Unaustralian") in response to globalisation and state-sponsored police violence. She is best known for her work about the 9/11 disaster and the "war on terror" ("Afraid of Enduring Freedom", produced in the two weeks after the incident and released by Illegal Art in the USA a year later); is co-producer of the infamous short film about Mr Howard and Mr Bush's "special relationship" ("A Deep Personal Love", co-released with Clint Flicks and the Media Empire), and is renowned for her piratical collage style, her unwavering social conscience, her black humour, and her ability to rock the house party till the break of dawn.

In "The Oil of War", the 10th audio-documentary in the series, B'O'K comes out and says what everyone's secretly known since 9/11; that the "war on terror" is really nothing more than a battle over dwindling resources. Always constructing her arguments from other publicly-available sources, she mixes activists with economists with government officials with journalists with a kid.s book about dinosaurs, over Robert Palmer ("you're gonna have to face it you're addicted to oil..."), Aphex Twin ("i want your oil..."), and unknown protest mp3's stolen from the Internet, to create perhaps one of the most relevant and resonant CD's of the early 21st century.

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track list

CD 1
1. Prologue: Fossil Fuels
2. Oil
4. Addicted To Oil
5. Byproducts Of The Oil Industry
6. No Enough Oil
7. Everybody Wants To Rule The Oil
8. Afghanistan: Oilfinger
9. Iraq: I Want Your Oil
10. A Robbery/Paying The Price
11. The Black House
12. Die For Oil: More Blood
13. Soldier: Ministry Of Oil Remix
14. Die For Oil: Selling Guns And Making War
16. Drip By Drip
17. The End Of The Petroleum Era

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