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See ‘Yog-Sothoth’


Ithaqua (the Wendigo)

See ‘The Wendigo’


Known most for his mysterious gremlins-like transformation, his mysterious ownership of the Beatles’ catalogue, and his mysterious crushing of John Oswald’s Plunderphonics, “Michael Jackson” has also recorded quite a few pieces of “music”, which, in their day, apparently sold quite well. In league with the Enochian Angels and afflicted by a terrifying Transmogrification, it is hard to believe that “Jackson” was once an ordinary man.

Desperate for power and fame, he made contact with the Ancient Ones, and, ill-prepared and poorly-trained in the Miskatonik Arts, he was struck down and Entered by a Being of Shub. Slowly becoming a Nether Thing, he is becoming more and more desperate in his attempts to undo his foolhardy mistakes. He has purchased as many Egyptian Secrets as he can. He has bought the entire Beatles catalogue, and decoded most of the Backmasked Messages. He purchased the Elephant Man’s bones, possibly for use in some sort of Magik, perhaps involving bones in some way. At time of writing, the creature known as “Jackson” is on trial for sacrifice of homeless children in his attempts to finally exorcise himself of the Ancient Transmogrification; who knows what he will try next?

Although the data are still to come in, we have heard recent reports that some theoretical metageneologists believe that "Jackson" is only partly repossessed by a Being of Shub, and is in fact also busy with an internal SoulBattle with the reincarnation of the real Paul McCartney, desperate for his old songs back. Although convincing, this theory requires further investigation.


One of the fabled Great Ones, Karakal is one of the more dangerous entities one may encounter after dabbling in the Dark Notes and Forbidden Beats.  

(Actually, that is simply not true.  Sure, compared to an average humyn, Karakal is positively deadly.  Compared to a humyn driving a tank armed with thermonuclear weapons, Karakal is no picnic either.  In fact, there is really nothing that we possess on earth (or any of the other Lesser Worlds) that could even really slow Karakal down, even if he was blindfolded and had all of his arms tied behind his back.

However, in the grand scheme of things, we’ve got to compare him to Cthulhu, or Yog-Sothoth, or even the Demon Sultan Wriggly Thing they whisperingly refer to as Azathoth; compared to these guys, Karakal is not only a walk in the park, he is a walk in the park holding hands on a pleasant day while coked to the eyeballs.)

Karakal appears as a red-haired humynoid, unburnt though amid scalding flames.  His skin is scarlet and puckered with tiny holes, through which steam trickles constantly, and he is able to start fires with just an old car battery, some steel wool, and some newspaper.

Karakal enjoys walks along the Time Axis, quiet dinners with other Great Ones, and prefers red wine to white.  

(The) Lake of Hali



Associated with Mnemonic Flexography, Lisdexiology is actually much more closely related to Bioflexography, and despite the compelling evidence on both sides of the argument, we still can’t really see why most people insist that it should be grouped so stringently with Mnemonic Flexography.  After all, wasn’t it Van Heusanders himself who first said that “to insist on the partition is Paramount to treason”?

(See also Aflexicon-Mnemonism and Yahwehcology for a fuller picture of what we mean.)

Lord Lobon

Some of the Great Ones have a clear-defined purpose: it is always easy to tell where they fit in this crazy pantheon, because they are always on fire, for instance, or always drink a lot and start fornicating at the slightest oppurtunity, or  always “hang around” births and deaths, looking really serious.  

Lord Lobon is one of those Great Ones that is in the other category; we don’t know what  he does.  

Although he has been worshipped in the last three millenia (Van Heusanders, 1824), no one is precisely sure why.  Several academics have suggested that even the worshippers had little idea what they were doing, and it is still unclear what Lord Lobon himself thinks he’s doing.  So far he has been “witnessed”: at the after-party for the unveiling of the Sphinx; eating sushi in Berlin with David Bowie; waiting for the 8:31 Belgrave train at Flinders Street Station; setting his Rolex to the Mayan Calendar; and shaking his head and laughing in the ‘monolith on the moon’ scene at the first screening of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’.

Wherever and whenever he appears, for whatever reason he chooses (or is forced?) to do so, Lord Lobon always carries with him a Silver Spear and a Blank Cheque.   



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