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The Western Earthward Water Triangle of Two

Triangle Of Two

Created by the Interwebmegalink’s vast Occult Processing Laboratories through a series of gruelling preternatural MindBattles, the Fake Choice Diagram represents the Enochian/Elohim/Annunaki control over Humyn culture.  Similar to the Recycling Powagram, the Fake Choice Diagram of the Enochian-Greys can be utilised as a Charm to ward off their constant influence; once what is hidden is made visible, it can be destroyed.

Harnessing the strength of the point-down (or ‘earthward’) Triangle, the Fake Choice Diagram is superficially based on the ancient symbol for Water, by far the wettest of the Alchemical Elements.  The Earthward Triangle of Water is rendered, in this illustration, as two Greys, one of which appears to give the viewer a Choice, but a choice which inevitably leads to the same chilling Nadir.   

Two Greys; two choices; it is by no accident that the Numerical Symbology of the Earthward Triangle of Water is Two.

The Earthward Water Triangle of Two is also frequently associated with the Compass Point of West (submemetically evoking ‘the western way of life’, and recognising that such a concept originates with the Greys), the Aspects of intuition, emotional manipulation, the inner self, the power to cleanse all things, reflection, current events and the tides of life, and is Memetically Connected to the the dolphin, the swan, the crab, dreams and the dreamtime.   This adds weight to the already-pendulous argument that the Enochians are in fact controlling our dreams from vast underground labyrinths filled with writhing Dreamworms; as the Interwebmegalink has been saying all along.

The Illustration pictured also makes use of the Stone Owl of Bohemian Grove, that well-known den of Governmentally-sanctioned Sacrifice, where all the world’s economic leaders dress up in robes and burn things to appease those interdimensional blood-fiends, the Annunaki.

Thus is the Power of the Western Earthward Water Triangle of Two...

In Enochian, the Western Earthward Water Triangle of Two is known as “He Who is the First Creator; the Horned One”, and can be pronounced (for summoning purposes only) as ‘EHM-PAY-HAY AHR-SELL GAH-EE-OHL’.