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Obliterating the Reptiles with Kaleidoscopic Love

Since the 16 Unnumbered Unmentionables and their Secret Cabal decided to create the “Make Contact” Zone of the InterwebMegalink Metaportal, thousands of emails have been received. Many of these are reports of “unexplainable” phenomenon and Ancient Alien Gods (Z.Z.Feldermaus is extremely thankful, and has added them all to his “Sightings” Annuals); several are fellow Rogue Studios, Audiomancers and Media Assassins, swapping wares and theories of “Reality”; and some are Collectors of the Dark Notes (and Forbidden Beats), purchasing limited edition releases from our enormous archive.

But by far the majority of contactees have been people wondering “What are you?”, “What do you do?”, “Why can’t I Get into Operation: Doomsday?”, and “No, really, what are you actually about? Why do you bother wasting all your time, effort, money and resources on this shit, it’s just some really long-winded half-joke that isn’t even funny. I mean, it’s just stupid and childish, like some role-playing game that doesn’t even have the fun bit of actually having a game. You guys suck.”

We do suck; but it is what we suck that makes all the difference.

It is a joke; but it is the most serious joke in the Universe, with a punchline that kills.

It is childish and “like a game”; for often the child sees what the adult has been trained to ignore, and the “game” of life is played best when you “make up your own rules”...

Why do we “waste” our resources on the InterwebMegalink?

Because, if we don’t, there is a risk that no-one else will...

Feasting on Fear like it’s Fondue

The InterwebMegalink is primarily about freeing the self from the constraints of the Reptilian/Grey Agenda. Because the Reptiles feed on fear, they want a world filled with terror, at all levels of society. Not just fear of Terrorists or fear of an unstoppable American jihad, but fear of losing your job, or fear that your children are going to be molested by their teacher; fear that everything you eat is killing you, and the fear that you look like a dick in those clothes. The fear that you’re overweight, that you’re wrinkly, that you smell, that you are raising your children badly. You are boring. You don’t watch the right tv shows. Your hairstyle is so 90’s. You’re weird because you believe in the Ancient Ones.

This kind of fear is created and stabilised by advertising, “news”, government pamphlets, mainstream music and television, infra-blue HAARP mind-control beams from satellites in geostationary orbit, “scientific research”, and pretty much everything else you can think of. This is no “joke”; society, at this point in hystory, is set up by and for the Reptiles from Beyond Space and Time, with the help of the Greys, and certain hybrid Reptile/Humyn bloodlines.

You have felt “the fear”; and, as a child, you may have even sensed the Reptiles, lurking behind you, or in the cupboard, or under the bed, or just outside your window, waiting for you to switch off the light...

The Reptilian Anunnaki feed on your fear, on your anxiety. They feed on the humyn race’s communal fear, slurping it greedily into their interdimensional jaws; and with this fear, they control us all the more easily, as we conform to their “fashions”, to their smells and sensibilities, bending over backwards to be just like everyone else, doing exactly what we’re ordered, by our own free will!

We here at the InterwebMegalink do not feel like feeding the Lizards quite so willingly.

What about the Children?

Why do we “waste” our time? It’s not just for us.

It’s about our children.

A recent study has found that children raised in urban city areas are becoming prematurely shortsighted as “a result of wall-to-wall cityscapes that prevents us seeing to horizon”1. Just living in a city can cause our children to not be able to see into the distance! Worldwide, studies have confirmed “a link between school-age onset myopia (shortsightedness) and living in urban areas”2; imagine what similarly-limited thinking is doing to our children’s brains? Who knows what this thought-limiting conformity is doing to our children? Who knows what the impact of growing up in a world of Reptilian Fear will be?

Needless to say, the InterwebMegalink wants the world’s children to live in a world, not of fear, but of love. We want every humyn being on the planet to be free from the mind-shackles of the Anunnaki Lizard-Kings from Outer Space and their Angel-Grey cohorts, and to live in a constant state of blissful “being who they really are”.

This is our mission, and, through painstaking research and sometimes life-threatening occult Ceremonies, we are closer every day to fully understanding how the Reptiles work, exactly which humyn bloodlines are the hybrid ones, and the most effective ways people can “switch-off” the Reptile/Grey thought-machines...

...but you have to free yourself.

Set, not to Stun, but to Soul-Eviscerate

One of the biggest misunderstandings is that there is such a thing as “truth”. “Absolute Truth” is a myth created by the Reptiles of Yore in order to control the humyn species. Before, in the Elder Times of Mu and Lemuria and Atlantis, humyns treated the world as it came, felt whatever emotions they felt, whenever they felt them, created whatever art they felt like creating, without worrying if it was “right” or “wrong”; there was no such thing. There was no “in fashion”, no “mainstream”, no “kook” or “crackpot”, no “fact” or “fiction”, no “advanced” or “primitive”... These are Memetic Metaweapons aimed at our brains, set, not to Stun, but to Soul-Eviscerate.

The “truth” of the matter is that there is no truth. What there is is a gazillion different perspectives, a kazillion different “realities”, all Venn-diagramming with each other, sliding over each other like incestual pie-graphs, creating a whole total Oneness of kaleidoscopic wonder. By creating the notion of “truth”, and then creating a “mainstream” with inbuilt conformity-drives, the Anunnaki Reptile Lords from Beyond the Stars have all they need to turn this Intergalactic Kaleidoscope into a brown-grey vision of sludge.

Now you understand why you have to free yourself; we don’t have your “truth” here. You free yourself when you face the Magic Dragon’s Memetic Metaweapons right in the barrel and declare, “I don’t give a fuck.” We can’t tell you what to wear, or what to think, or whether or not you should worry about the Reptiles; you need to decide that for yourself.

In many cultures, becoming your Attuned Free Self is known as “Enlightenment”.

You Can Believe What You Like

People will laugh at you; people in the street will point and make disparaging comments; your workmates will shake their heads when they hear one of your beliefs. Once you have Enlightened yourself, it doesn’t matter what they believe; they can believe what they like. You Can Believe What You Like. Once you realise that reality is subjective and multiple, and that beliefs are just that – beliefs – you begin your journey to Memetic Freedom from the Agenda, and begin choosing the beliefs that suit your perspective on the Universe.

If you feel it is wrong to eat meat – don’t eat meat.

If you think it is wrong that women have the monopoly on non-bifurcated garments – put on your he-skirt.

If you think that time should be metric – invent your own metric time system. It’s only a matter of time (pun synchronicitous) before someone does.

If you want to worship some guy in a book – go right ahead.

If you think “c”, “q” and “x” are ridiculous – get rid of them. We plan to.

If you want to buy a monocle and a fob-watch, take obscure sci-fi literally, and blame all the terrible things that humyns do on interdimensional reptiles – please, be our guests. Care for some snuff?

The point is, “reality” is flexible. Traditionally, if enough people agree on something, they call it “real”, and then terrible bloody battles are fought with “non-believers”... out of the fear of being “wrong”. The InterwebMegalink believes that once humynity throws aside the foolish veil of “reality”, and sink themselves deliciously into the foolish wisdom of kaleidoscopic “suReality”, the Fear will be gone, and the humyn race can replace it with The Love.

Our own loving intuition is our Memetic Metaweapon, aimed right between the scaly eyes of the Annunnaki, set, not to stun, but to Obliterate.

InterwebMegalink Entry, January 2005
Department of Pspiritual Metadidactics

1. Australian Geographic, Jan-Mar 2005
2. Australian Geographic, Jan-Mar 2005
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