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Interdimensional DisChords:
Behind “W” and “Saddam”

"George W. Bush, Paul Mcartney, Michael Jackson, Harold Holt. Say these names in the one breath and an unnerving trend develops. The McCartney hystories are thought more or less public knowledge, but as exposed by the InterWebMegaLink, the story beneath the conspiracy is even less unbelievable. The true motives of the McCartney double, the imposter, remain unclear, but what is at least obvious by now are the diagnostic symptoms of the imposters.
Unfortunately though, as with all such knowledge, answers simply spawn more questions; some of them quite disturbing.

One of the most vexing amongst the powerful is now this: has George W. Bush, President of the worlds only superpower, been replaced with a near-human replica engineered by the same dark entities as the McCartney imposter, or is it the CIA/NSA/FBI triptych, or anyone onworld behind the whole thing instead?

Does Bush senior know? Is he involved? For if one thing is clear, W is certainly a non-human - sophisticated yes, but still fraught with technical glitches the Makers seem unable (or unwilling?) to eliminate. (Witness “McCartneys” post-Beatles failure as a musician, and “Jacksons” grotesque physiological morphing - mistake, or insurance policy?).
What most concerns those in power, the Europeans in particular, is Ws irrational behaviour - everyone understands facist dicatators, capitalist overlords, military juntas...etc. But right now no-one understands W, no-one knows how to act or react. Just what has the imposter been programmed to do? Is he a “Jackson”, a possible portal through to one (or more) nameless universes as some claim; or will he do a “Harold Holt”, and fail at the last moment - forcing the secret service to use a replacement of their own (an option unavailable to the Austrailans in the 1940s).

Some of the most vocal Europeans have claimed that not only is W controlled by Unknowables (the Cthuluans, Atlanteans, the vanished Sumerian Ancients, finally reclaiming their lands?) but so is Saddam. Both imposters are, in a blatant coke-pepsi copycat move, being played against each other, controlled by the one source (which itself may be multiple parties), for the ultimate aim of sowing Chaos and Dischord amongst the world.

This scenario raises another foul pot of yabbies: if the diagnostic symptoms are as correct as they seem to be, we have more than W and Saddam to worry about.

Take a long hard look at Yasser Arafat, and how about Mugabe, and the ever inscrutable Chinese leadership; they could have been done over at any time. Another enduring mystery is Osama bin Ladens status; imposter too?

Or worse?

Perhaps it is all just a Mega-Conspiracy, an unbelievably complex and subtle manipulation by Hidden Enochian-Elohim Forces within the US to fool us into thinking that the Cthuluans/Unnamed ones/Malevolent Forces are behind the global war, when the actual reasons behind the whole cascade of events runs much deeper.

It may be coincidence or not, but US bases and expeditionary forces around the world just happen to be aligning into position with ancient ley lines (the so called lines of power recognised by dozens of cultures from the Celts to the Central Americans), many of which are now tainted. Are the Americans aiming at tapping into this immense reservoir of power, or is the alignment something even more sinister?

Whichever scenario turns out to be the case - imposters, offworld control, noworld control, Cthulians and Atlanteans, Cthulians versus Atlanteans, the Unnamebale Ones, or the Unknowable Ones, or any of the dozens of known Malignant Entities - you can be sure we here at the I.R.I. will be here to publish the unpleasant truth, interplanetary fatwa or not."

Head of Global Studies,
International Research Institute

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