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So: Why all the Satanic Symbology?

One might ask: “So, why all the satanic symbology? Are you guys just try-hards, acting all mysterious and scary, pretending to be satanists? Or are you actually modern satanists, trying to trick people into satanism through obscure reference, crazy conspiracy, and wanton plagiarism? Or just dickheads making some convoluted joke that, even when you eventually get it, is even then extremely lame?”

But if one asked these questions, one would be asking the wrong questions. Indeed, the answers to these questions might satisfy one for a while, maybe a little longer for the extremely limber of brain, but, in the long term, spawn an even more exasperating series of new questions; questions that, once asked, can never be un-asked.

So instead, we here at the InterWebMegaLink ask the real questions, and then proceed to provide you with answers to more interesting ones altogether.

Are bat-wings, horns and heart-shaped tails actually evil? Are they actually satanic at all? Of course not. Bats, cows, and some sort of creature with a naturally-heart-shaped tail are as clearly not evil as birds, horses, or some sort of creature with a tail sort-of-shaped-like-a-corkscrew. They are a natural (or at least, nature-identical) part of the Universe, neither good, nor bad.
Or are they? The real question here is about use, about intent, about the message conveyed in the visceral language of symbols. What do the symbols mean, and why do they sport the trappings of what is memetically-associated with what has been traditionally referred to as so-called evil? Are we just “dickheads” after all?

Nothing could be further from the Truth. The symbols, or powagrams, are deliberately constructed along recognised meme-paths and to specifications outlined in Operation: Artichoke of the InterWebMegaLink Psychological Operations Division Operational Handbook. So the appropriation of these webbed-wings and devil-horns, these dragon-tails and hooked talons, must be entirely deliberate. There must be references to satan there, even if only tongue-in-cheek. Mustnt there?
Perhaps. More pressingly, one needs to decide what satan is, and evil defined by whom. Depending on ones point of view, evil is good and good is evil; there is a large portion of the world who believes, for instance, that the United States of America is satans empire, and that the Bush family are evil. Just as laughably, there are people who believe that terrorists are evil, or that music can be evil, or that bat wings and pitchforks can be evil. Or that satan is evil.

From where the InterWebMegaLink operates, it appears that the forces that are controlling the Lesser Worlds (Earth included) are what is really so-called quote-unquote “evil”. These forces include (but are certainly not restricted to): the spread of corporate globalisation; the ek-chuan (extraterrestrials reported by the Mayans); intellectual copyright; the simplistic programming of religion; the Bermudan Triangulators; “Michael Jackson”; genetic manipulation; the privatisation of public resources; “Paul McCartney” (and post-McCartney Beatles works); the Enochian-Grey-Elohim; the restricted self-censorship of the mainstream media; “guardian” “angels”; major labels, media companies, movie studios, chain stores, and advertisers; and the people who operate them. And, as one might expect, they are all linked: the “angels” are most likely also the “ek-chuan”, who at least influenced the “enochian-greys”, if they werent ripped off wholesale. Religion is largely based on the movements of these “angels” and those older, more indecipherable creatures they represent; the military and the media are largely controlled by hybrid “enochian”/human creatures, to a strict extraterrestrio-corporate agenda. The Elder Ones are still amongst us, programming our trains to run slightly late, making sure the kind of coffee we like is always out of stock, ensuring enough Blood is spilt in enough wars to water their underground Seed to budding...

And so on.

We can sense your bewilderment. “This is nothing like what I was asking you. What has any of this got to do with anything? I just thought your little symbols looked cool!”

Cool like a fox.

If we look to hystory for a moment, we see that when christianity invaded somewhere and took over its people, one common tool was to steal the symbology and important events of the invadees and pretend they were christian all along; things like the christmas tree, the easter egg, the easter bunny, the cross, and the halo were all stolen from earlier, pagan peoples. What was not stolen was demonised; everything that was not utterly assimilated was destroyed.

It becomes clear that symbols traditionally seen as evil are actually anything but. They are symbols of an earlier, perhaps more powerful, set of beliefs that make up a cultures good. These symbols of the wing, the horn, the tail; these are parts of some older, deeper, more “spiritual” part of our prehystory. They are not to be feared or reviled; they are to be used in cool little power diagrams for the InterWebMegaLink.

(Used in cool little power diagrams for the InterWebMegaLink like a fox.)

From the point of view of the Angels and their economicon-irrationalist minions, it is the InterWebMegaLink that is evil. To christians, satan is evil. To low-budget horror-directors, dry ice and a rubber bat on a string is evil. But these things are not evil; they are merely the Not. What we have created here are powagrams of the Not, to invoke the memetic aura of the megaconspiracy, and help demarginalise the “important” metamessages of experorrists, mediatricians, hyperzoologists, metarchaeologists and electromancers.

It is as simple as that.

Or is it?

the interwebmegalink, nov29, 2002