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The Anubis/Dalai Lama Connection Revealed

“My girlfriend and I decided to go to Mt. Shasta for a day hike on the way to Cougar Meadows. We encountered about 60 cars and noticed a festival going on. The Dalai Lama was in town and planning on visiting the mountain in the next few minutes. There was a small congregation of monks preparing tents and a small festival, so I asked one of the monks what was going on. He explained that the Dalai Lama had seen the mountain while flying over it earlier that week so he decided to visit it.

My girlfriend and I went for a small hike and returned to the festival to meet an extremely friendly monk wandering on the edge of the commotion. I asked him where the Dalai Lama was and he responded, “Right Here”, and put his hands forth in a gesture signifying the spot he was in.

Well, I would like to say I said something profound, but I went into mild shock at meeting the Dalai Lama in person and all that. He is, of course, extremely compassionate, and was amused at my bewilderment. But with a lack of things to say to a holy man, I just asked him if he wanted to get stoned.

He had no idea what “getting stoned” meant, so I expanded and showed him some marijuana. He laughed at my ignorance but told me that he had a companion who enjoyed the plant and gestured toward a fellow sitting apart from the crowd with a woman and what I thought was a dog.

The first thing that struck me about the couple was that they were dressed in white, from sandals to hat... The man wore a very peculiar hat; I took note of it because I know that dress commonly signifies status in Tibetan culture. The hat was a white sort of bandoleer with white puffballs hanging around the rim; I speculate that the hat was a symbol of this man’s status in the monk world. He immediately asked us whom had showed him to us. I explained the monk we had met, and he relaxed. We started to talk.

The first thing I asked him was what type of dog was sitting next to him; it had no hair, was dark brown and looked absolutely unworldly. He promptly and matter-of-factly told me that this was no dog, but that he was an alien visitor whom was visiting and congregating with the Dalai Lama. He went on to ask if I had heard about the recent alien sightings in Peru, and explained that this was the alien sighted.

My girlfriend started to panic, but the woman with him quickly comforted her. I too went into mild shock.

A close encounter kind-of unhinged my perception of reality, but I did feel that I had, in some way, been granted an incredible honor. I asked if it spoke, and he said, yes, psychically, through him, and that was why he was there. He explained that the alien had wanted to sit with us, so we sat in the sun for about 20 minutes, feeling this being’s aura. In hind-sight, I think parts of me that I am not in contact with were communicating with it.

I pulled out the marijuana and the couple almost fell over laughing and explained that they did not smoke the stuff, but their stellar companion enjoyed the smoke. They asked if my girlfriend and I would smoke and blow it at the creature... we did.

The creature sat not unlike a dog, but I could see that its front legs were much more articulate than even humyn hands. Each hand had 3 finger-structures that looked about 10 inches long...

Actually, the creature looked exactly like the Egyptian representation of Anubis, but not the depiction with human legs, the depiction with more canine-looking legs. There was no hair; it had the skin of an old man, dark brown, and it seemed a little tougher. I could tell that it understood our speech but only communicated with the man in the hat.

So we smoked and blew puffs at him, then said our goodbyes and left immediately. After we left our small circle, the trio was gone. We mingled for a while, checking out the monks and tents. We could tell that the monks were paying special attention to us, like we had been through some ordeal...

Then we went home.

My girlfriend swore to keep the story secret and advised I do the same, because a lot of people think it was a hallucination or negate things because of the drugs.

But it happened.”

“Mr Marcher”
Independent Miskatonik Researcher (IWML edit)
Received September 12th, 2004

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