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PsyOps versus the MegaMedia #3:
Deliberately Disrupting Culture

“Lets do a little imagining. Lets imagine that bin Laden et al are still CIA employees. Could it be that the missile attack was not intended to destroy bin Laden or his supporters? Could it be the attack was intended to build respect for bin Laden among Muslims who oppose the U.S. government? To lend him credibility as a serious opponent of U.S. domination? Is his new job to siphon Arab anger into regressive Fundamentalist movements and thereby destabilize secular Muslim societies which might resist U.S. control?

After all, Islamic Fundamentalists have proven themselves the most effective enemies of independent-minded governments. This is precisely why the U.S. created an Islamic Fundamentalist proxy army in Afghanistan in the first place. And there is evidence the CIA is doing the same thing today [back in 1998] in Algeria – covertly supporting a jihad (Islamic holy war) aimed at disrupting a secular Muslim society not under U.S. control.

And/or is bin Ladens new assignment perhaps to be a bogey-man of convenience whom the U.S. government can link to any government it wishes to bomb?”

Israel, Credible Deception: the NY Times and the Sudan missile attack,
1998 (revised 99, reposted 01), well before 9-11-01,
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