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In the Bad Books of the Wind Walker

“It may not be of much interest, but a while ago I didn't believe in these... beings. I thought them works of literature, and therefore easy to mock, or disempower through logical thought. But one night, my dreams were invaded by a particular being which I will not describe. Sufficed to say, the one who visited me was a subordinate to the Wind-Walker, who seemed quite... shall we say insulted? And being the closest Old One of power to where I am, he had sent an emissary on behalf of ALL the Old Ones. It is quite unfortunate, but where I live falls beneath the Wendigo's sphere of influence (ie: the northern lands of North America).

And following this... visit... there was a terrifically horrid storm that seemed to punctuate the message. You might be mocking me right now, thinking I'm joking, or maybe you take me seriously. Either way, I'm not in Ithaqua's good graces at the moment. That much has been made clear to me.

And he's close enough to do something about it as well.

In the last year, quite a few small aircraft have mysteriously vanished just north of my city. And a plane that vanished more than 20 years ago seems to have come back, intact, with no passengers (alive), thrown into a mountain. The pilot of that plane had been reputed to be an expert pilot, who would never have made the silly mistake the investigators claim he made.”

Fenoir and Zygmunt
The Black Dragon 13
Received: September 18th, 2004

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