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Novelty vs. Recycling: Can Re-use Create Newth?

‘Okay.  You guys have said that the Ancient Ones love mutation and novelty, and are the absolute antithesis of the Enochian Mind-Power Structures and their constant re-use of the same basic pop structure.  I think I get all that.   But then you go and have a Recycling section, and go on about how we need recycled music or something to save the world.  What the fuck are you on about?  Do you even know?  And what’s with the-

Let us cut you off there, before you go into a totally unrelated tirade of half-finished anecdotes and childish insults, as you so often do.  Yes, we do say some things about the Ancient Ones ‘loving’ novelty (in a strictly McKennan sense, of course), and, yes, we do mention sometimes that the memetic recycling of our mindscape will save us all once the Alien Meme comes bursting through our fragile ionosphere.  Point taken.  However, the assumption that the two are somehow mutually exclusive, or even at odds with each other, is to have grossly misunderstood both Recycling and the ‘nature’ of the Things That Undwell Beyond The Universe.

The trouble with ‘assumptions’, you see, is that they make an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘mptions’.   

Firstly, let us make clear that the Ancient Ones ‘love’ newness in the same way that an orange ‘loves’ falling to the soil, being infested with maggots and fungus, and eventually rotting into the earth.  That is, it is it just what they do.  The Ancient Ones’ repulsive fecundity is a septessential aspect of these unpossible non-beings; in a way, they are newness itself.

(Or should that be ‘newth’?)

In this way, they are the ‘antithesis’ of the Elohim-Enochian-Annunaki Brotherhood and their rigid power structures; you absolutely correct.   Where you are wrong is your underlying assertion that what the Elohim-Enochian-Annunaki Brotherhood are doing with their constant re-use of the same ideas in music, film and fashion, is essentially Recycling.   It is not.

The reason is memetic.

Basically, the Enochian Megacompanies (and even, to some extent, the Ek-Chuan Hyperfranchises) are using the same memetic/synaptic substructures.  When they release another ‘song’, it is reinforced with exactly the same brain-washing mind-viruses as the last one; it is the same memetic wolf in a different boy-band’s clothing.   Despite the ‘new’ image, the ‘new’ breakbeats’, the ‘new’ choreography, everything produced by the Annunaki Brotherhood has the same old psychonazi agenda; total mental and ‘spiritual’ enslavement of the humyn race.

Consider now the Compop Metapermaculture Project, or standard Bastard Pop.  Things that were once familiar, fragments of the Enochian Hit Parade, are chopped, diced, lightly fried, and re-assembled in a way that breaks the mental chains of the hypercompanies, rearranges the synaptic pathways associated, and renders large chunks of the humyn brain fresh and defragged, like tilled soil.  We hear Mariah Carey’s voice over the Beach Boys, interspersed with Vanilla Ice, or Yellow Submarine played backwards, fading into Wish You Were Here; these sonic scalpels slice effortlessly through the tertiary synaptic repertoires that ‘store’ our responses to Mariah, Vanilla Ice, the Beatles, and these parts of our brains are free once more.  The powers of Juxtaposition and Overlayering destroy old brainwashed substructures and forge new, unexpected ones. 

Exactly what the Ancient Ones ‘want’.

So, you see, the concepts of Recycling and Novelty are not mutually exclusive at all, when looked at from the viewpoint that matters; that of the security of our very memetic structures themselves.

the interwebmegalink, may 2003

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