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Make Us Rich...

As you can imagine, organising a Miskatonic Adhocracy of such a globe-spanning and cranny-delving proportion as the InterWebMegaLink does not come cheaply. With the constant restocking of baby-fat candles for ritualistic research, the high price of Ancient Tomes these days, the expensive and highly exhausting miskatonik experimentation, the procuring and burning of the Forbidden Beats, the price of colour photocopying... well, needless to say, if it wasn't for the dedicated passion of the disparate researchers of the InterWebMegaLink, the Digital Magnus Opus you see before you may well not exist.

But we cannot survive on passionate dedication alone. The InterWebMegaLink receives no government funding of any kind, nor has any independent benefactors. We rely on the "luck" of the Ancient Ones alone - and your support.

To this end, the InterWebMegaLink is finally releasing its enormous Miskatonik Catalogue to the public, as a way of raising much-needed fiscal resources. This Catalogue will be added to irregularly, and may well one day be larger than the entire Universe.

Make us rich...

...the Planet Earth may depend upon it.

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