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I Need War! (2004)


Dubya switches sides after hearing "I Need War!"

U.S. Dubya George "President" Bush today made a dramatic announcement regarding November's Presidential election. With the Republican Convention just days away, Dubya announced that he was going to be casting his vote for Democratic candidate John Kerry.

The Dubya said that the move was in response to hearing the brand new New Horizons In Violence album "I Need War!", which has been on high rotation in The White House lately. "I mean, gee, when you look at it all together like that, would you trust me to run America? I wouldn't! Sure John Kerry's got his problems too. But he ain't no Dubya!"

"I listened to all those songs, watched the vids... initially, I just thought they were catchy tunes and I felt kind of cool to hear me out front as lead singer, but once I really got into it, it began to occur to me that the songs were telling me things. It was a bit like the first time I heard the voice of God. Only this time, rather than telling me I should run the world, these voices were telling me that I shouldn't. And I started to think, yes, we do have an appalling record of human rights abuses, obvious massive high level corruption, using terrorist threats to political ends, waging illegal wars, all that sort of stuff. And that's not even mentioning plunging the world into a recession. It really makes me wonder what America was thinking to elect me in the first place. Oh, that's right - they didn't!"

"So if I'm going to be a decent American citizen, I really couldn't cast a vote for me." Bush then broke into a chorus of War President before his minders offered him some of his special sleepytime cough syrup.

Don't think about casting your vote without one.

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track list

CD 1
1. War President
2. Fight Terror With Terror
3. The World's Worst Leaders
4. US Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith refuses to answer questions about Civilian Deaths, November 2003 in E flat
5. Led Smart
6. It's K.A.O.S.
7. Weapons of Mass Hysteria
8. The World's Worst Leaders (the "really really Bad" remix by Buttress O'Kneel)
9. War President (video track)
10. The World's Worst Leaders (video track)

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