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Dear Fellow Australians    By Donation
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Dear Fellow Australians (2007)

An Independent Inquiry into Australian Values by Buttress O'Kneel

  • As we commemorate 40 years since the indigenous people of Australia were allowed to be citizens of their own country...
  • As we Commiserate 11 years of Mr John Howard...
  • As we force new Australians to sit a Test on "Australian Values"...
  • As we gear up for another Election...
  • ...Buttress O'Kneel releases another in her long-standing series of hard-hitting plunderphonic Truthcore AudioDocumentaries.
  • What are "Australian Values"?
  • Are they the values that meant Indigenous people weren't allowed to vote until 1967?
  • Are they the values that lock children up behind electric fences and charge Innocent People for their own unlawful incarceration?
  • Are they the values that we saw in Cronulla?
  • (Or are they just about knowing the words to Waltzing Matilda?)
  • Buttress examines these issues and more, cutting them up over 100% Australian music from both Now and Yesteryear, creating an Independent Inquiry that is part Rally-Cry, part Lament, and part Glitch-core Docubreak Intellectronica Party-mix.
  • A Proud PropaganDada Initiative

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track list

CD 1
1. Preamble - We Will Decide
2. The National Anthem
3. Wake Up
4. Excluding Matilda
5. Stealing
6. Stolen
7. Black Armband View
8. Stone Age
9. A Deathbed Conversion Curse
10. A Fair Go for the Powerless
11. Integration Cronulla-Style
12. The Faces
13. Courtesy Fence
14. Go Away
15. Never See Her Again
16. Threatening
17. Bridging Visa E
18. The Game
19. Pavlova
20. Wednesday
21. Open Mic Night
22. Integration Cronulla-Style (Jonestown Mix)
23. Two Sides To Every Story
24. An Outstanding Broadcaster
25. A Bloke Who Likes Cold Chisel
26. This Feeling of Proudness
27. The National Anthem Police
28. Our True National Anthem
29. No Leader of Mine
30. One Night in the Australian Embassy
31. Unpopular
32. Willing to Fight

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