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I Wish I Could Be Peaceful (2005)

a provocation by buttress o'kneel

When war is legitimised, you have to struggle for peace.

When your freedom is taken away to protect your freedom, you have to fight to stay sane.

When forgetting your bag somewhere becomes a felony, and believing in the wrong god becomes an offense, you have to battle to stay humyn.

When you can be disappeared for two weeks by the police and held with no charges, what has happened to your society?

When supporting your government means supporting the slaughter of Iraqi civilians, and the slaughter of the fellow Australians you send there to kill on your behalf, how can you support your government?

When your government is responsible for mass murder, and speaking out is against the law, what options do you have left?

What are you going to do about it?

Buttress OKneels latest thought-provoking audio documentary struggles to deal with these issues and more that arise with the introduction of new draconian but necessary anti-freedom laws. By combining interviews, news reports, and current affairs stories about the new laws, with what she calls riot-music, Buttress asks the questions that need to be asked, while giving the kids something to listen to while they smash shit.

If it is against the law to incite violence, is it now illegal to listen to the Nomeansno song Kill Everyone Now, or the Atari Teenage Riot track Destroy 2000 Years of Culture? Are shops selling Rage Against the Machine albums going to be closed down?

Isnt marginalising Muslims just going to create hatred that didnt exist before? Isnt taking away your basic freedoms just going to turn peaceful people into extremists?

Can it be a crime to incite violence against an army that has invaded a country illegally?
Who is inciting the most violence; unarmed peace activists or trained soldiers with weapons designed specifically to kill people?

Do the new inciting violence laws apply to generals ordering their soldiers to attack?
To weapons-manufacturers making tools whose only purpose is death?
To the prime minister agreeing to send his people to war?

Is this new Buttress EP illegal under the very laws that it is trying to question?
Could it be that shes a bit too much of a smart-arse for her own good?

"B'O'K (aka Buttress O'Kneel) is a media guerilla, working from the underground trenches and subverting copyrights while creating politically charged audio collages from pop music and news footage... She is People Like Us or Negativland with a world conscience, and Michael Moore's audio counterpart."
Walt Miller, Splendid Magazine

1 CD - By Donation - email to mailorder or download now (40MB)

track list

CD 1
1. Prologue: Court Is In Full Effect
2. Kill Everyone
3. Inciting Violence
4. It's Gonna Be A Bloodbath
5. Whatever They Want
6. Complete The Picture
7. A Greater Threat
8. Overexcited
9. I Wish I Could Be Peaceful
10. They're Coming
11. A New World Order
12. Control And Power
13. A Bodyguard Of Lies
14. Insidious

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