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Current Research / Special Projects

The focus of the Interwebmegalink's Psyops Division changes with the times; as hystory needs to be rewritten, we need to stay on top of what's "happening". As such, our Current Research encourages articles and memetic restructuring to orbit around central themes, whilst the Special Projects Branch organises specific once-off projects calibrated with Astronomical Conjunctions and Jungian Mind-Cycles. If you have any material on any topics at all (but preferably one of our research interests) contact us as soon as possible at

Current Research:

- Links between "Michael Jackson" and "Paul McCartney" / evidence of the Beatles' occult interests / sound-artists who have worked with "Jackson" and/or "McCartney" material / what the Elephant Man has to do with it.

- What is Bowie's connection to the Universal Megaconspiracy? He has associations with Lennon (who may still be alive), he has 'metamorphosed' several times, quite blatantly, he has been involved with the Burroughsian 'cut-up' technique at the same time being incredulously high on mind-altering drugs. Who knows what he conjured up, and what it did - and if he could send it back... What exactly is his role, and which side is he on?

- The War on Terror and the Enochian Control Web / the rumours that U.S. bases around the world are lining up over certain 'power points' on the global ley-grid / the incredible loss of civilian life actually being a covert 'blood-sacrifice' to the Annunaki / the thesis that 'W' and 'Saddam' are both imposter alien voodoo clones being controlled by the same extradimensional force.

- the Occult Powers of Musik, Drugs and Sex.

Special Projects:

- Music of the Non Ens. Recreating the Summoning scenes in H.P.Lovecraft's research, as literally as possible. Plenty of 'demon-flutes', 'rhythms of madness', etc. Read the works, make the music, and contact us.

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