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to communicate with others of its species (2004)

Four years in the making, this double CD catalogues the "best" of Merge Into Stripes and their metamathical improgrammed nightscapes. Utterly channelled from the Non Ens beyond the Universe, and constructed with real-time birdlife, ancient reel-to-reel tape players, automated Computing Devices, traditional guitar effects pedals, and/or stuttering Pop Classics, these two discs are what the Ancient Ones would want you to hear, if they wanted anything that we could possibly fathom with our puny humyn intellects.

2 CDs - Pay what you want - digital download

track list

CD 1CD 2
1. c51. e3
2. h22. h4
3. g53. d2
4. e14. b1
5. a65. g3
6. h56. f2
7. g27. c1
8. b3.

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